Water Tanks

1. Sintex TruPUF

“India’s First Truly Insulated Water Tank.”

Only 0.5°C increase in water temperature
after 6hrs in an environment with continuous 50°C temperature
Sintex TruPUF

2. Sintex Tatva

“Freshness in Every Drop”

ARPS: Additional Reliable Protective Shield

Sintex Tatva

3. Sintex Pure Anti Microbial

“The Healthiest Tank of India”

Anti Microbial innovation targeted to meet the requirements of health and hygiene conscious customers…..

Sintex Pure Anti Microbial

4. Sintex Ace Anti Bacterial

“India’s 1st Side Manhole Tank For Better Safety & Visibility”

Best suited for customers who appreciate safety and convenience…
Sintex Ace Anti Bacterial

5. Sintex White & Sintex Black

“Sintex White In a New Avatar for a New Age India”

Sintex White is best suited for customers who seek reliability…

Sintex White & Sintex Black

6. Sintex Titus

“Style and Strength”

Sintex Titus is best suited for customers who seek style and strength…

Sintex Titus

7. Sintex Hero

“Har Ghar Ke Liye”

A symbol of strength, reliability and elegance…

Sintex Hero

8. Sintex Reno

“Assured Performance With Great Value”

Reno White is best suited for customers who appreciate value…

Sintex Reno

9. Sintex Neo

“Strong and Surprisingly Affordable”

Great price! Great functionality!

Sintex Neo
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